Friday, June 1, 2007

Episode 4 - X-Ray

First off I want to say that X-Ray vision would be an awesome ability to have...get your mind's out of the gutter.No but seriously for doing good like Clark uses it for.I mean that would save a lot of time waiting at the docter's office ,now wouldn't it?

What about Clark the little perv ..haha.After he falls off the rope from getting freaked by seeing Pete from a different point of view.His eye's then proceed to oogle their way through the wall to get a glimpse of the girls locker room with Lana being one of those girls.

(Side Note: Did you notice what was playing at the Talon -The Lost Boys.Man I loved that movie when it came

O.k now what about meteor infected shape shifting Tina Greer.Although that would be another very cool ability to have, I also think you could really get into some deep trouble with it.Sure you would be able to fool some people completely,but people closest to you would definitely figure it out.

Didn't you also think that the cast did a great job as far as playing Tina playing themselves.Once again I will say it about how extremely talented I think the cast and writer's are.

My Favorite Line was between Clark and his Mom.Clark - Mom, if you could see anything what would you do? Martha - Learn to close my eyes.My feeling's on why is because Clark once again saves Lana and Whitney is the one that gets to comfort her.I felt that she was letting Clark know that a lot of painful things happen in life and some is better not seen.

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Monika I. said...

Tina's a freak! did you see how obsessed she was with lana in this episode and in the "Visage" when she realises she's in love with lana... wow... i know love makes you do crazy things but that was just over the top!... just my opinion..

twfansite said...

No doubt, I totally agree with you.I mean I want Tom welling in the worst way, but I wouldn't stalk him or make his life miserable because on it.

I thought that was the whole meaning of love.Of course when your as mentally off as Tina was, I guess there are no limits to what you would do.Uggg