Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 11 - Hug

First off I want to say that I loved what Clark said at the beginning when him, Lana and Chloe were riding horses.Clark and Lana was talking about careers when they got older.Clark said that he didn't want to be a farmer and that as long as the job didn't require wearing a suit and flying around it would be alright or something like and of course the joke that usually comes up about Clark being afraid of heights.I think that is a great part of Smallville.

O.k now for the episode...I have to admit this ability would be very tempting to have.I mean to touch someone and they do whatever you want them to...humm.Of course with any of these cool abilities there is always an evil person waiting to use it.Could you only imagine if you were for example a car salesman.You would probably put everyone in the county in debt with this.

Anyone else notice the way it's creatively added into a lot of the conversations about loyalty and friendship.Where Kyle tells Clark why he thinks it's bad to have friends, Because they will always betray you in the end.Now who do you think they are referring to here..maybe Clark and Lex.Yes they are friends now , but you can see where Lex's curiosity about Clark could ultimately cost him their friendship.

I bet the Chlark (Clark + Chloe) fans loved this part and even though she was under the meteor influence , deep down so did .On the next part did you see how much fun Lex had shooting Clark.I know he was also under the meteor influence , but he almost seemed joyous.I did love the line he delivered once he saw Clark speed Kyle to safety..Clark you got some explaining to do. (Lucy Reference)

The end was pretty cool with both the talks between Lana/Clark and Lex Clark.First Lana telling Clark that they would be friends for a long time.Then with Lex you notice when Clark asks if Lex thinks that himself and Lex would end up like Kyle and Rickman as far as friendship goes.To which Lex replied...Trust me Clark our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends.


Monika I. said...

great episode... what am i saying, all of smallville is GREAT!

great posting
hug from a new reader of your blog ;)

Monika I. said...

oh and i forgot to say.. nice blog!

twfansite said...

Hi Monika and thank you for all your comments.I have gotten busy lately, but I will be posting some new blog entries soon.

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