Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Episode 8 -Jitters

Man do the Luthers ever have some freaky stuff going on down at the plant or what??Poor Earl (oh no that sound's like that Dixie Chick's song..haha) , I mean talk about a bad ability to pick up from the meteor based experiments.Shaking like that all the time and the way he accidentally killed his friend at the beginning by shaking him and breaking his neck.

Oh and how irresponsible of our young Clark to throw a Party while his parents are away celebrating the anniversary. ..Yeah Right..haha.You know you either did the same or at least wanted to do that when you were/are a and you gotta love the fact that Clark says a small party..haha..there is no such thing in High School.

I loved the line where Martha and Johnathan are in the restaurant and Martha responds to him about if she misses Metropolis.She tells him that he had told her that they would never be rich or travel the world,but he would always love her.Now that is what you should be telling the person you love, IMO.

I loved the above (picture) scene because you can tell by the look on Lex's face that he realizes that his Father lied to him about there being a level 3 to the Luther Plant.Now we get a glimpse of how evil the Luther blood line goes and how far they would go to cover up anything that would make them look bad.I have to admit that as financially challenged as I have always been, the idea of having the kind of money that you could just make things go away..sounds I am not turning to the dark side or anything , but I will agree with the philosophy that money is Power.Not to say that it don't come with a price either though, I guess I will probably be like the Kent's ..poor but happy. ;O)

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