Sunday, June 3, 2007

Episode 7 - Craving

Talk about your super powered diet shake with a nasty kick.Although what Jody done in this episode was completely wrong, I still have to say that I really felt sorry for her.All my life I have struggled with weight issues myself as I am sure a lot of other people have.How freaky was it when she kneels in the road and devours that deer?

I swear it seems that almost all the younger people of Smallville are cursed when it comes to love and relationships (besides the obvious fact that most of them are also meteor infected).Clark , Chloe and Pete always seem to get just a glimpse of love and happiness.Than out of blue something messes it up , as poor Pete encountered the night of Lana's Birthday Party.I think they would have made a nice couple (Jody and Pete),if she didn't want to constantly be trying to suck out all his body fat that is.

The last part was cool in my opinion, that Clark would take his Mother's advice on what to get Lana. She had told him to get her something from his heart and Lana had shared that memory of how happy she was when she was little and went to the drive-in with her parents.So Clark goes and turns the Barn with the help of the Kent's truck (movie projector attached)into the Kent Drive-In for Lana.

Tom Fansite


Monika I. said...

in my opinion, the movie gift that clark gave lana was so sweet... 1 of my favourite clana moments... oh did i tell you im a clana fan, it doesnt show does it?... lol


twfansite said...

That's really cool that you are a Clana Fan to.Yeah I think moments like that is what hooked me into being such a diehard Clana