Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 17 - Reaper

O.k I have always thought that terminally ill people should not have to go through alot of pain and suffering , but I believe this takes it to a whole other level.I mean to be able to touch somebody and they just go into ashes is a little to scary of an ability to think about.If he had a truly evil heart, could you imagine what all he could have gotten away with in the world.Even Clark as strong as he is felt the life being drained from him.

How do you guys feel about assisted suicide ?Do you think that you are really doing a good thing by putting the person out of pain or do you think it should be a higher power's decision when your time is up?

I did like the last part and what Lex did for Whitney and his dad.Of course it was all Clark who asked him to do it and that is just what makes Clark Super in my book.

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