Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 18 - Drone

Again with a perfect job on casting don't you think?I mean Sasha (Shonda Farr) was totally convincing in her part as a obsessed over achiever.To have control over something like bees would make a pretty nasty ability to have and to get to unleash them on your enemies.Just think about letting them loose on all the criminals in the jails around the world.You can't tell me that it wouldn't cut down on

I really felt for Chloe and her position she had to take on who she would support for class president.I can see myself getting mad like Clark did at first , but I thought it really showed Chloe's integrity.Yes always be supportive of your friends, but don't forget about the issues at hand either.

You got to love all the manipulating that comes with being a Luther.Just when you think that someone is going to get the best of Lex.He always manages to not only pull himself out of it, but also come way ahead.Of course no one I know could ever do justice to the part like Michael Rosenbaum does.Charismatic ,mysterious and looks is the very definition of what we all either want or admire in a bad boy and Michael always does that to perfection.


Monika I. said...

ok, i hate bugs especially bees... x( but it was kinda cool.. plus this was the first episode of SV that I EVER saw... teehee

twfansite said...

Wow this would bee ..haha..a interesting episode to start off watching it from.So was you instantly hooked or did it take watching more shows to make you a fan?

I don't like bugs myself, but I guess if they were on our side it wouldn't beee so bad huh? lol

Monika I. said...

well i always liked SV and thought that tom was a gorgeous man..but i wasnt instatly hooked when i started watching it... but since february this year i become obsessed with tom and everything he does, specially SV :P...

what about you?

twfansite said...

I know that feeling very well.I love everything about Tom and he would be my dream man.I know out of the millions of people who love him, I would probably be one of the last people he would pick.

That doesn't stop me from dreaming though...right?Yeah I love him so much , I started a Fansite devoted to him.Maybe sometime you can check it out. and don't forget to register on the message board.

Lots of Love to you my friend and talk soon.

Monika I. said...

i found your blog from your website, and may i say it looks gorgeous! ;P

and of course we can dream!
i live in butt-fuck-land called portugal and just by that i know i will never see in person in my life, i can bet he thinks portugal is a part of spain (which is NOT!) LMAO... but yeah... we can always dream on xD

twfansite said...

Awww thanks monika that means alot to me that you like the website.I hope one day Tom gets to see it and how much he is loved.

That's cool about where you live.I have always wanted to travel and see the world, but unfortunately I have only got to see a few states in the U.S.

Monika I. said...

well if you decide to come visit portugal, i'll show you around :D we've got beautiful beaches and history places :)