Sunday, June 3, 2007

Episode 6 - Hourglass

Let me start off by asking a question - Would you want to be able to see the future?I could see wanting to do it for the same reasons Clark did .To be able to maybe save people closest to you , but do you think you can really cheat fate and make a new destiny or will fate still get you one way or another regardless.

On the other topic of this episode about turning back the hands of time.What would you do with this new found youth?I mean to me that poses the same ultimate question as the above topic of seeing the future.Do you think you would have learned from your mistakes from when you was younger before or would your fate still be the same.

O.k now away from the deep thoughts and on to the episode itself. I love the actress (Jackie Burroughs) that played Cassandra and always thought she was so convincing in other things I have seen her in.It was very cool to see Clark find a close friendship with her and even Clark saying it at the end of the episode.

Cassandra telling him at the first part that someone close to him would die.Then at the end when he walked in and found out that she had pasted away (after dying of shock at seeing the future with Lex destroying everything he touches).Clark then says that she was able to tell her own future , meaning that Clark had become close to her.

Now on to Harry's (Young: Eric Christian Olsen and Old: George Murdock) revenge on the children of the people who put him away for murder.I thought it was a great storyline to think that someone would make the present generation pay for something their parents and grandparents had done.Again I have to say very believable that someone in real life would do this , if it was possible to go back in time.

I hope everybody enjoys reading my blogs as much as I love posting them.I work like 12-16 hours a day sometimes on my work and Smallville is my favorite escape.I can re-watch the seasons a million times and everytime is as exciting to me as if I was watching them for the first time.

Tom Fansite


Monika I. said...

really interesting this episode, one of my favourite, yet sad that the old lady saw her own death :( all because of lex's near future... Rrrr...

twfansite said...

I guess knowing that Lex is going to destroy everything in the world, would make your heart stop.I really loved Cassandra and wished she could have stayed on at least a few episodes.

It seems Clark finally gets to tell somebody about his gifts and something always happens to them.Too Sad.