Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 14 - Zero

We finally get to see a glimpse of Lex's deep dark past that we had only gotten hints about before this episode.If you look back on the episodes leading up to this one , you will find references to what happen in this episode.Sam Phelan had mentioned to Lex about Club Zero in Rogue and I think there was something else in another episode mentioning this, but can't remember it right

I will have to say that if you want to really get someone's attention..send them a hand.Now that's what I call seriously messing with somebody's head.No wonder Lex has issues , first being raised by a dominate Father who always challenged him to be ruthless and then all the enemies he has made repaying old grudges.

On a happier topic though , the Talon opened in style and I thought it was very cool when Clark gave Lana that picture that was his grandfather's.Of course I always look for a deeper meaning to all things Smallville. So I think that it was not only a very sweet gift , but also another way for Clark to feel connected to Lana.


Monika I. said...

wicked episode... very confusion at first but all resolved in the end... or so it seems.. lmao

twfansite said...

Yes I agree they did this episode in a very cool way.