Thursday, June 7, 2007

Episode 9 - Rogue

I tell ya can't a guy get a break from saving the world? As Chloe states in later episodes..not if your Clark Kent you can't.Oh and you know by now that Clark is so sick of Whitney always being right there whenever he tries to get close to Lana.Definitely in my opinion one of the best scenes of season 1 where Clark stops the bus to save not only the driver, but a homeless man and his dog. ;O)

Lex Luther the international playboy I tell you.Being that I am gay I was always wishing to have the kind of money that guys would be throwing themselves at me..haha.I am not saying though with Lex that it is just about the money.I can see how the women are drawn to him with all his charm and charisma.

One of the top reasons I love Chloe is the same one that seems to always get her in trouble.Here she tries to be a hard hitting journalist and her reward for that would of course be ..losing her job at the Torch.I really did see Lana trying to help her get her position back , but at the same time I can imagine what she was feeling.If you haven't caught on to this yet, she has a major crush on Clark and as much as she tries to hide it.Is completely jealous of Clark's infatuation with Lana.Loved the end where they tell each other that when it comes to Clark they are both just friends with him, even though we all know they both want more.

Could you imagine having all the worries and problems that Clark has.Not only does he worry about helping people, he constantly has to look over his shoulder to make sure someone's not out to ruin his life.Talk about having some leveridge on somebody like Phelan had on Clark.I really had thought that Clark had a good plan with trying to set Phelan up.Only bad thing is that because he is a dirty cop , he knew just how to spin it and frame Jonathan.

Of course Phelan seriously underestimated Clark's strength and smarts.Gotta love the line where Phelan says you maybe strong ,but your not bulletproof.He really don't know Clark very well does he and we get to see some of Lex's true intentions when he asks Phelan what he has on Clark and the end shot with him starring at the video surveillance.


Monika I. said...

loved the way clark/tom stoped the bus...

twfansite said...

Yeah that was a cool part and I actually had that as a screensaver for a