Saturday, June 9, 2007

Episode 10 - Shimmer

Here is another example of the great writing on the show in my opinion.The abilities that the meteor infected or meteor enhanced people have really go with their personalities.I guess I always put myself in the person's shoes when I am watching an episode.When I was in high school I wasn't in the popular crowd and sometime's you really can feel invisible.Not that I minded though , I think by not being Mr. Popular made me a more humble person.

Of course I couldn't write about this episode and not post this picture..*Drooling*. If you haven't figured it out by now I am totally in love with Tom Welling.Not for just the reasons you are thinking either.I mean I of course think he is the hottest guy in the world, but I also get mesmerized watching his acting.O.k I will get back to the episode now.

I am what you call a Clana Fan (Clark + Lana) and I guess always have been.I mean when I first started watching Smallville , it was not because it was a show about Superman.I was drawn in by the amazing actors/actresses and the storyline.The reason I am such a Clana fan is because of how much you can feel the passion between them.That longing to be with someone that totally completes you.

Talk about running someone out of town, I think after I almost got drowned by an invisible person.I think I would be wanting to get out of there to.I loved the back and forth as always with Lex and Lionel , they always say the funniest things to each other.I would say that being a Luther would require you having a thick skin and be able to swim with piranhas.

Once again we get to further see how much of a noble person Clark Kent really is.I mean when he had his chance with Lana and chooses not to act on it.He instead tries to help by being a mediator between Lana and Whitney.Is there really anybody left in the world like this I wonder?Truly selfless and willing to do anything to protect the people they care about.

So once again Clark makes sure the day is saved for everyone , but when will Clark's day come to be saved?

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