Friday, June 1, 2007

Episode 5 - Cool

Talk about guy's being dogs toward women,but Shawn took that to a whole other level.I mean he was well aware what he was going to do at Jenna's house and he really didn't have any emotion about it except telling her that he was sorry,but he didn't have any other choice.

Lame excuse there is alway a choice better than freezing and killing people.Meteor rock (What most people would call Kryptonite ) really does pack a punch on your mental status as well as your special ability.I mean it turns the slightly off person into a full out nut job with very dangerous motives.

O.k I guess enough about Shawn, as anybody could say he was a certifiable freak!!Poor Chloe and her search for love and in some ways I think we could all say that we have felt the way she did at some point in our lives.To be on cloud 9 when that person that you have either been lusting after or just had a crush on finally notices you.

Then sadly finding out that some people just want to use you in one way or another.In Chloe's case it was going to be her becoming a human fireplace for her meteor infected crush.Thank god Clark was able to save her from a Popsicle fate.

I will admit I am a die hard fan of Clana (Clark+Lana) , but I would never try to dis anybody else's preference for who they think would be best romantically for Clark.That being said I really felt so bad for Clark in these early episodes because like a lot of people I have had my heart broken before. Also wanting to be with someone that was just out of reach like Clark and Lana.

The price of being a hero I guess , but nonetheless it still really sucks.You can just see the hurt and deep love he feels for Lana , but of course there is always something that gets in the way.

Another episode that you really wanted to believe Lex was trying to break away from his Father's evil ways.At least for me anyways and Clark the ever trusting friend.To have friends that believe and have your back, even when just about everybody is giving up on them.

So come on guys and comment on my blogs and let's discuss all your thought's.I am not one of those people that feel they have to be right on all their opinions.I am very open minded to all kinds of scenario's when it comes to Smallville and other things as well.

Thanks for reading my blogs everyone and hope you are all doing well.

Tom Fansite

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