Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode 12 - Leech

Hello everyone, sorry I hadn't been around for a few days.I have been uploading screencaps on my new screencaps website.I hope you guys will check it out Free Screencaps Directory .I already have episodes 1 - 13 of season 1 and I work on it everyday, so there will be more very soon.

O.k now to the episode... first off that would really suck as far as having these amazing powers and then someone snatching them.I could definitely see what Johnathan was telling Clark about why Eric (Shawn Ashmore) was consumed by Clark's powers and Clark never did.The Kent's are the ideal family in my opinion and have raised Clark to be a very loyal and caring person.

As for Eric though , you can understand why he feels he has to lash out with the powers.He has a very strict father and once again is not seen as one of the more popular kids in school.So you can definitely see why he just wants to stand out and be noticed.Of course he does it in the wrong way,
but I know I felt that way in high school and I would have probably wanted to get back at some people to, if I had such powers.Thank God I had a great Mom that supported me and taught me to be strong and not worry what others thought of me.

I really enjoyed getting to see Clark have fun for a change.Like Lana told him that he didn't look like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.Think about having that much responsibility and never being able just to relax and have fun.I mean even when he was getting hurt and losing at basketball, he was still having the time of his life.

Didn't you just love the way that just when Victoria and Sir Harry thought they had the upper hand on Lex , he pulls one on them.Oh and when he tells Victoria that she better go check on her father because he didn't look well...hahaha


Monika I. said...

really enjoyed this episode, kinda different seeing clark enjoying him self without any worries :P

twfansite said...

I agree , I don't know about you, but I always feel sorry for all the crap Clark has to put up with and that's why I was so happy for him in this one. ;O)

Monika I. said...

totally agree with you... seeing him happy for once its so much fun watching xD