Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 15 - Nicodemus

Let me start by saying that if you are not a Clana fan , you probably will not like this blog Believe me when I say that I would never knock another person's ship , but this is who I think Clark is destined to be with.I think everybody sees the show differently and maybe they can see Clark being happier with a different person.That's what I think is great about this show that we can all have different opinions, but still the love of the show unites us all.

O.k now the episode, wow does the flower pack a punch or what?I mean it made Johnathan shoot Clark ,Pete go postal on Lex and of course gave Lana the balls say and do what she had always wanted to , but didn't have the nerve to do.Even though it was a little harsh when she told Whitney that he was no fun anymore, with all the stuff he is going through with his dad.I still loved both the scenes with Clark and Lex.When she told Lex that he just got into the partnership with the Talon because she asked him to.I bet that part made the Lexana (Lex+Lana) fans go wild.

I think Clark was both in heaven and about to lose it when Lana did her little strip tease seduction on him.Just goes to show you what her secret desires are , as we didn't know at this is actually funny how Clark gets more action than most high school guys by all the strange things that go on in Smallville.I mean Chloe kissing him in Hug and now Lana lip locking with him.

The end was great in my opinion with Clark braving his fear of heights so he could help Lana overcome her fear as well.


Monika I. said...

loveddddddddd this episode... the pools scene was so funny... xD... my favourite part has to be the edding.. it was so cute ^^

twfansite said...

Yes I loved the pool scene to and how Clark was so nervous..haha.That made me love him that much more.I think parts like the ending is what made me such a huge Clana fan.

You can see it in the way that Clark would literally do anything for her.

Monika I. said...

you're a clana fan??? ME TOO!!! xD

twfansite said...

Yeah I have been since the beginning.I love the best friendship between Chloe and Clark , but I always thought it would ruin it if they were more than best friends.

Clark just loves Lana so much that he should have that happiness with her.