Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode 19 - Crush

I have to start out by saying ...Ouch!!That would a horrible pain don't you think?I know dumb question right? I am not saying that revenge is not sweet , but taking it that far is a little too extreme.I would imagine you would have evil thoughts toward the people you feel responsible for doing something like that to.

Poor Chloe is always falling for the wrong guy isn't she?It showed how devoted she is towards her friends though didn't it.The way she sent Justin (Adam Brody) those e-mails while he was recovering.Did love the way everything floated when she kissed him.Oh and I have to say the person who really sketched those pictures was very talented.

You could definitely understand Lex's hesitation about reuniting with his childhood nanny .I mean the way his father raised him to always be skeptical of people.Then he of course his father had lied to him all those years about why she left.Thank goodness at least he realized it before she passed.

Last but not least I have to say I felt sorry for Whitney about his Dad and also Principal Kwan for having to pay for his son's mistakes.


Monika I. said...

I enjoyed this episode because im studying art so it was kinda cool seeing some artistic stuff here xD... the ending was so sad...

twfansite said...

Yeah it was and I use to draw a lot, but now I stay so busy I am not able to.Beautiful painting in this one to whoever actually did them. :)