Monday, July 23, 2007

Episode 12 - Insurgence

Once again we are educated on the Luther family values in this episode.Lionel bugging his own sons house and spying on him.Of course never being beat by his father, Lex then turns the tables on him.Sadly though in Martha's case it would be on a day she didn't call in sick to work and on her Anniversary at that.

As you know in any Drama, no one can be totally happy or else it wouldn't be called a drama.That is definitely the case for Lana once again in this episode.Growing up without her parents and then finding out that her father is not the man she thought and is alive.Even better they actually had a shot at having a relationship , but not if Lana's evil stepmother(Jennifer) had anything to do with it.

Oh and now if we didn't have our suspicions about Lionel wanting to know everything about Clark,The Kent's and the effects of meteor rocks.We definitely know for sure now and the lengths he would go through to prove it.With the file on Clark and the meteor shaped bars and no telling what else.How cool was it when Martha swipes the key and Clark's fast thinking in torching Lionel's files, after she told Clark about them.

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