Sunday, July 8, 2007

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Vortex

Wow like I said about finales also holds true with me with season premieres,I just get so excited.So wasn't it the best when Clark jumped into the tornado to rescue Lana ,talk about a true hero.I loved the expression on Lana's face when she saw him to, I mean just think about how freaky that would

I really loved the parts between Johnathan and Nixon.The best line to me was when Johnathan told Roger Nixon ( when Johnathan had found a way out.) that he needs to choose what's most important to him exposing Clark's secret or his Life and then Johnathan said I have.(Priceless)

You know it had to kill Lex to have to kill Roger Nixon, with Lex thinking that he knew something about Clark.It was cool to see Johnathan thank Lex and offer a fresh new start, but will Lex keep his end of the friendship?

I really felt bad for Chloe and her not getting to have her dream prom with Clark.I just hate to see Chloe sad because she seems like the friend I always wish I had.Also I know how it feels to love someone that doesn't feel the same way, as I am sure most people have encountered at some point in their life.

You really couldn't blame Lex for his decision with his father.If you were faced with the same situation ,who knows how you would react. Of course Lionel spared no time in making sure to guilt Lex on his choice.Just another example of Lionel trying to make Lex feel tormented for any decision he makes.Like it wasn't bad enough for Lex to know that his decision lead to his father's blindness.

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Music of the Night said...

wow!! i luv ur blog!!! smallville is def. the best of all tv shows ever!!