Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode 5 - Nocturne

Could you only imagine what poor Byron had to be feeling all those years.To be locked up and never get to be in the daylight and around other people.I thought it was cool though that he found a connection because of Lana's late night visits to the cemetery and her parent's graves.

Wouldn't you know that the first day on the job with Lionel, Martha gets to see what she will be dealing with probably more then she ever wanted to.People trying to kill him because of all the evil things he has caused to so many in Smallville.


Monika I. said...

weaked episode

twfansite said...

It was pretty out there huh?

Monika I. said...

yeah... different from the previous episodes.... i like it :P

jenadoressmallville said...

Aww you are very welcome Michael, thanks so much for inviting me. You do such a great job, beautiful sites and blog here.

You are so right about the casting being perfect in these episodes and this is one of my favorites. I was very touched by his character and the fact of being closed off from the world like that, not to have the interaction and human contact and what that does to the human heart and psyche.

have a great night love ya sweetie.