Monday, July 23, 2007

Episode 14 - Rush

Now we get to see the down fall for Clark about someone knowing his secret.As was stated in earlier episodes of what a burden it would be to know a secret so big.I definitely understand Clark's dilemma though and why he had to tell Pete.It's just that as we see in this episode how much of a burden it is for Pete.After he's infected he seems to use all the knowledge about Clark against him.With using both red and green meteor rocks on him and threatening to expose his secret.

I have to say that Chloe always cracks me up when she is infected.I don't mean that I think she's necessarily funny.I am saying because I am happy she is getting to let all her pent up wants and desires.The same way I told you guys about the way I love Clark when he is on Red K.It was great getting to see the look on her face when she found out about Clark, even though she never remembered any of it.

Once again the pitfalls of being Clark Kent is never getting to be completely honest with people.How over and over he has to keep disappointing almost everybody close to him and mainly the one he is in love with , Lana.
Last but not least ,here is my blog episode contribution to Hot shirtless Clark pics.Enjoy!!! :P


jenadoressmallville said...

Great post, love that episode. I totally agree with you, I love when Chloe is influenced by outside forces in that she is more honest about her feelings well at least more open with them and gets to have a little more fun :D. I can understand her pain of loving Clark and him being so infatuated and inlove with Lana and sometimes not even paying attention to Chloe's needs but then no one is perfect. We love who we love and we cannot change that, it is not painless or an exact science.

It is so sad that Clark saves people all the time and helps others and yet he cannot always do what his best for him but I admire the fact that he tries always to do what is best for others or what he thinks is best for others. I always long for him to be able to be honest about his feelings it is so sad that when he finally is with Lana and about his true identity she gets blown up but then I believe she is coming back...she has too :D.

Have a great night sweetie

twfansite said...

So true Jen, we definitely can not choose who we fall in love with and I believe Lana is coming back as well.I don't see the writer's killing her character off like that.

In my opinion ,if they let her die like that then I believe they are loosing their creative touch.I mean they have always did an exceptional job with writing not only a wonderful scripts,but also this beautiful love story between Lana and Clark.

twfansite said...

So it wouldn't make sense to me for them just to blow her up after all these years of building a beautiful and dramatic storyline.It would have to be a more touching or intense death,I