Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episode 4 - Red

O.k something you should know about me is that I am a diehard Red K fan (Red Kryptonite).The reason being that I always feel bad for Clark getting dumped on all the time and just having to take it.He saves all the people he cares about and most of the time still gets the crappy end of the deal.So I love to see Clark get to show and tell the emotions that he has to bottle up inside.

It was great to see him in the scenes with Lana and how he told her exactly how he felt about her.You can not tell me that Lana didn't secretly love it as well.Especially when he told Lana to ask him anything and Lana asked him about seeing him in the truck the day of the tornadoes.It really showed how much Clark wants to tell her everything in my opinion.

Of course with any good points , there are always some bad as well.Although I love the fact that Clark gets to speak his true feelings, I hate that the drawbacks of it is that he also has a twist of evil mixed in.In the way that he threw his dad against the truck and threatening Jessies's father for the disk.

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Monika I. said...

ok i loveeeeeeee clark when his efected with red-k or like on SV forums we simply call - Kal... lol i have a thing for badboys, what can i say?!... ^^