Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode 7 - Lineage

You have to give credit to Rachel Dunleavy (Blair Brown) for her determination in trying to find her son.Of course in Smallville that is always mixed with a bit of tell you with every episode we can see how many lives the Luthers have really messed up.I mean Lionel had her sent away and to a asylum at that!!

One of the things that draws people to the Luthers though is their charm and charisma.I mean after all the stuff Lionel had put Rachel through and he almost was able to pull the wool over her eyes again.Can you only imagine how many secrets that man has in that twisted mind and even after going on 7 seasons , we probably don't know have of them.

I thought it very cool to see a glimpse back at more of the story of meteor shower and the explanation of why there was so much bad blood between the Luthers and Kents.Clark even showed how much he cares about people back then, when he reached over and touched Lex's face.
Surprise, surprise we learn at the end the Lionel of course has lied about Lucas being dead.You got to wonder if Lionel has ever told the truth about anything...probably

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