Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Season 1 Finale - Tempest

Well folks I have made it to the first finale with the Blog.Hope you have been enjoying it so far and thanks to Monika for all the great comments.I wish I could do them faster, but unfortunately with my work schedule I can only do them here and Well one thing that I always look forward to is the finales of Smallville.It is like Christmas for me because of how great they always are.From start to finish , you are glued to the screen.Of course all of us diehard Smallville fans are doing that each week.lolDid anybody see that coming when Lionel walks up and tells all the workers that they are out of a job.Even worst blaming it all on Lex and making it out like Lex ran it into the ground.I know I was blindsided by this and figured something was up, just not that.

That was a nice part when Whitney surprised Lana with the picnic.To only find out though that he is leaving for the marines.Even though you can see from the past episodes how much she has been having feelings for Clark.You know she still had a lot of feelings for Whitney and I sure wouldn't want to break up with someone before they shipped out

O.k although it was awful to see Clark get blown up in the truck.I will have to say that the horndog in me loved the part after where Clark has to rip his shirt off.What about Roger Nixon and the lengths he will go to to get his story.I don't care if you have a suspicion about someone, you do not blow them up to prove it.

The best parts was as usual towards the end and did not disappoint.I tell you when someone in Smallville is in danger of losing their lives, they are in a big way.With not only one twister, but three forming one heading straight for Lana.The Luther Mansion crumbling right on top of Lex and Lionel.


Monika I. said...

lovedddddddddddd it! :D

twfansite said...

Me too, always great writing with Smallville. :)