Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episode 2 - Heat

I have to say that I loved this episode and Clark's coming of age..haha.I thought that was brilliant to have Clark get his newest ability by way of the first time he really got aroused by looking at a a.Scary thought if you would think about most guys and how they stay horny 24/7 haha.There wouldn't be anything left in the world , if that was the

Think about having this kind of power over someone.I mean I think we would all enjoy being able to tell a loved one to take out the trash or cook dinner.Just not to the point of tricking someone into marrying you,turning all their friends against them and even worst getting someone to kill for you.


Monika I. said...

hot episode! :P

twfansite said...

Oh yeah it was, I wish I could do that with Tom.Then again I would want him to want me on his own free

Monika I. said...

teehee... hey we can still dream on :P