Saturday, August 11, 2007

Episode 15 - Prodigal

So in this one we finally get to see the prodigal son of Lionel Luther and brother to Lex.What a big surprise to us (sarcastic) that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree with the way Lucas acts and reacts to the
Lucas uncovers that Lionel is not really blind anymore and also with the help of Lex.Proves where Lionel's loyalty lies in which son he would save if it came down to him choosing.

O.k not that Clark's rescuing someone is not reason enough to mention,but there are more to me posting these pics.As you might have noticed, I am a lover of everything Tom Welling and it seems that Clark was going commando in these sceens and thankfully they still made it through the editing process.
Click on them and zone in and see what I mean....Big Hands ,Big Feet and well you know..*wink* Oh My!! ;O)

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