Saturday, August 11, 2007

Epsiode 16 - Fever

I could see why Martha thought she had to hide the key to the ship.I mean all she wants to do is protect her son from the mysteries of his destiny.Of course she don't want her son to leave her and his father,but more than that.She don't want him to step into anything that may lead to trouble for him.

Poor Chloe found out the hard way that the heart is stronger than the mind.When she poured her heart out to Clark while he was passed out from the fever and called out Lana's name.Like I said before about pinning away for someone you can't have, your heart can't help who it loves.Which ironically is exactly how Clark feels about Lana.

Luckily they get the ship to the Hospital and it heals them all from the fever.Now wouldn't that be really cool and sure save us all from huge Hospital bills,if it was

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