Saturday, August 11, 2007

Episode 19 - Precipice

Now wasn't that just so nice of Lex to offer to help Lana train to defend herself.You can't tell me at this point in time that you did not see an alterer motive brewing in the complex mind of Lex Luther with this offer.At least Lana did get some good defense skills out of it.

So as you know a town can not operate without a Sheriff and after Sheriff Ethan's shady dealings tarnishing the name.Who better to straighten up things in this town ,but newly appointed Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell).One thing we learn about the new sheriff is that she is going to be on top of everything and everyone including Clark.

Don't you just hate it when an old boyfriend/girlfriend from your past just re-appears when you least expect it?Even more so in Helen's case when the boyfriend in question is a psychopath.

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