Saturday, August 11, 2007

Episode 18 - Visitor

This is the pure example of how Clark is truly Superman.The way at the start of this episode,how he tries to defend outsider Cyrus from the bullies.Oh and I so loved it when he made the board engulf in flames.How I wish I could have done that in high school and the stain marks it would have made in some well deserved pants of idiots I had to deal

How sad and wonderful Cyrus was with his ability to heal and tragically it was what also drained and killed him in the end.That shows what a true hero is ,in my opinion.Even passing up what he believed to be his parents returning for him.

The other storyline of the show revolved around surprise,surprise the trust issues with Lex and Helen.Finally Lex did give in and let Helen see the one room and secret that had kept hidden.To say Lex was a little obsessed with Clark and the Kent's would have been a serious understatement.Don't you think it's funny how even the characters we don't really know everything about, always tries to protect the Kent's and Clark when it is all said and done.In this case, Helen not telling Lex about the blood she had taken from Clark.

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