Saturday, August 11, 2007

Episode 20 - Witness

Here is another case of an obsessed person trying to get ahead with the help of the very popular green meteor rocks.I this case it's Eric (Zachary Ty Bryan) and his two buddies using a meteor induced cocktail that they consume by way of an inhaler.Interesting though is that they are getting there shipments by way of stealing them from none other than Lionel Luther..Hummm

Of course their evil plans may have worked, but not if Clark has anything to say about it.Being a Witness though,they couldn't let him live to tell all about it.Luckily for us though ,not even putting him in a blazing inferno would stop our hero from stopping evil.

I had to throw this pic in here to because...well's Hot!! lol

I thought it took a lot of courage for Lana to abandon her hopes and dreams of getting to know her recently discovered father.So that he could try and repair his marriage,but unfortunately for Lana it is the last time she would see him. (At least as far as we ever see on the show).
Oh if we could have just jumped through the screen and told Chloe..What Are you doing!!!!She should have known when the devil himself gives you something, he's going to always come back to collect.

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