Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode 3 - Hothead

Can we all say ... Anger Management !!!

I think one of the key things that got me hooked from the beginning is what creative minds are behind the writing for Smallville.

I mean like the Meteor Rock that was in with the hot coals in the Coach's steam room.Think about a minute ,you could really see that happening in real life.

I mean that to, think about the novelty of being a town that was hit by a Meteor Shower.People of the town would definitely market that to every angle.My point is that they would sell everything with meteor rocks in it to make money.

That's why everything to me seems so believable in every episode.Because the writers think of it all.O.k back to the episode ...

I was glad to see both Clark and Lana strive for independence in this episode.I'm not saying that Jonathan didn't have good reason to worry , but Clark needed to find out some mistakes on his own. (Hopefully not at the expense of anybody's life though.)

I also loved all the one liners that Lex and Lionel share when they are duking it out. One of my favorite's is when they are fencing and Lionel is trying to give Lex some advice - Lex says - "If I wanted your commentary I'd buy one of your book's on tape"

Tom Fansite

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