Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode 2 - Metamorphosis

Just got threw watching the Greg the bug boy episode. :lol:

Again Lex at this time seems real genuine about wanting to help Clark in his pursuit to win Lana's Heart away from Whitney.

Poor Clark and his endless amount of doing the right thing.He saves the dumba*s that strung him up in a corn field to freeze to death (Whitney).He saves Lana and of course Whitney end's up getting the credit.Scary to say , but in the world we live in.I could see this really happening.Maybe not exactly like it did here , but along the same lines.

The true aspect of Clark's love and devotion to Lana at the end.I mean he finds out the effect that meteor rock's have on him and still returns Lana's necklace made with a prism shaped meteor rock to her.Because even though it hurts him , he still knows how much it means to her.

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disgusting! but i still liked seeing it =P...