Thursday, May 31, 2007

Season 1 - Pilot Episode

After watching this for the like a millionth time .lol

I will say that things were definitely a lot simpler back then...

Lana had a minnie mouse voice and was a happy little cheerleader with a jealous boyfriend (Whitney).

Clark was just trying to fit in and trying to get on the football team so he would not be branded that year's freshman scarecrow.

Chloe was a bouncy news hungry reporter looking for that next great meteor freak story.

Pete with his hopeless crush on Chloe.At least he got to take her to the dance in this episode. ;)

I have to say that at this time my heart really went out to Lex.I mean it really seemed that he wanted to get out of his father's shadow and be a stand up kinda guy.

* On a personal note though - Even though it was sad seeing Clark strung up there , I loved seeing the first shirtless Clark episode again.. droool

Gotta love how Clark got even with Whitney for doing that to him also. **evil laugh**

The end was just great with the first great Clana Moment.Lana saving Clark a dance up in barn to one of my all time favorite songs - Everything by Lifehouse.(Even if it was just a daydream fantasy for Clark , it was still cool) thumbs up!!

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Monika I. said...
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Monika I. said...

shirtless clark defenetly made my day the first time i saw this episode...and everytime i watch it...teehee ^^

for the 1st episode it was excellent!