Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Introduction

Hello Friends,

My name is Michael and I am the Admin and Owner of . I'm 31 years old and I am head over heels a Devoted fan to Tom Welling and Smallville.So much so that if he ever starts singing , I would buy the CD even if he is not the best singer in the world...hahaha :D

I hope everybody enjoys the blog and website.Always let me know your feedback and thoughts on episodes from Smallville,Actors/Actresses or anything else Smallville. ;)

I am right now re-watching all the seasons of Smallville.It's like a summer tradition for me and I am going to be writing blogs from every one of the six seasons of Smallville and of course the highly anticipated Season 7 as well.

Take care my friends and don't forget to bookmark my blog and also add me to your MySpace Friends at .

Tom Fansite

1 comment:

Monika I. said...

nice to meet you Michael. Im monika, a huge fan of tom and of everything he does.. and yes, if he ever made a cd i would buy it the 1st day it came out xD ....

can't wait to read more from you...

Monika I.