Friday, April 4, 2008

Season 3 - Exile and Phoenix

I have put these episodes together since they were actually like one long episode.Well I know there is a lot of things to cover in this season opener,but being that I am gay and love Tom Welling.I have to start this post off with how smoking hot he was in this one.From his longer hair to all the shirtless scenes, I was just speechless throughout. ;O)

O.k now on to what all happen , first off I can't say that it wouldn't be cool to be able to do some of the stuff Kal (Clark on Red K) did.I know that probably sounds bad , but I can't lie to you.Don't worry I am not going to go robbing any banks or make any deals with crime bosses, but I do love Kal's

You could definitely see how much the Kent's loved Clark in this one also.For Johnathan to make a deal with Jor-El to get Clark back and the whole "Would you be willing to do anything" that Jor-El said.More consequences will surely be coming from that pact and you know having that much strength as a mortal human can't be good.

I guess I have an evil side myself, because when Lex turned the tables on Helen.I have to admit I was all behind him with it, let somebody leave me in a plane to die.Oh yeah I would be making them pay to.

I also thought it was cool when Clark blew up the tank and in Lionel's eyes made it look like Morgan Edge had set him up.Maybe I am overlooking something with this , but how much could the Kent's still owe on their farm.I mean Martha had made the comment that it had been in Johnathan's family for 3 generations , 4 including Clark.So in all that time they couldn't pay it off, I guess they were figuring it with different loans they had to take against it over time.

It was cool though how Lex bought it outright for the Kent's for the fact that Johnathan had gave him the compass and Lex said it's what helped save him on the island.

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