Thursday, April 3, 2008

Episode 23 - Exodus

I have seen many people criticize when it comes to Clark rejecting his destiny and Jor-El in this , among many other episodes.Myself I can see why a teenage boy (Alien or Not) that is raised to care about his family and friends would want to choose to deny someone new (Jor-El) coming into his world and telling him how he has to live out the rest of his life.

So in an attempt to rid himself from all of this new drama.He tries to destroy the ship and he does, but of course not without consequences.I had really hoped that Martha would be able to bring a brother for Clark into the world, but as we see in this episode Jor-El will not be defied by his son.Which does give us a taste of how powerful Kryptonian's really are.

Now on to Lex and the wedding day he won't soon forget.Starting the day off in a Chapel and ending it, waking up in a plane plowing down into the Ocean.Also noticing that his new bride and the pilot are missing.Added to the fact that the plane had been obviously sabotaged with all the controls being gutted like a fish.

Oh and Chloe goes and makes a deal with the devil..literally.I understand she is upset with Clark right now, but to investigate Clark for Lionel.I guess you really need to put yourself in these characters positions though before you can honestly judge their actions.I mean in Chloe's eyes as well as Lana's, there has always been that distance that Clark has shown around them.So in that context, she is not able to think as rationally as we would want her to be.

Finally, I really felt for Clark and his need to escape.There is only so much you can handle in the guilt department and Clark just couldn't feel like he was hurting all the people in his life that he loves anymore.So Clark does what most people would do when trying to medicate the pain away.Except in Clark's case he substitutes drugs,alcohol etc. for Red K and heads on out into the sunset.So ends another great season and being that I have already seen all of them.They only get better and better from here on out.Season 3 here we come....

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