Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smallville Season 7 is almost Here!!!

O.k anybody that reads my blog knows how I am about my Smallville.Well this Thursday the 27th, is the start of what looks to be an excellent season and I am starting to feel that Christmas feeling I told you guys about in earlier blogs.lol

The only sad thing is that there seems to be a shortage of Promo Pics for this season.I always look forward to seeing how the different cast members have changed over the summer.At least they did give us Promo pictures of Kara "Supergirl" and you can see them at my Tom Welling Blog.


Also I have all the seasons 1-6 screencaps over at my Screen Caps Directory, if you was wanting to take a recap through the past seasons.


I have had an extremely busy summer, but I am going to start back real soon with where I left off and hopefully get caught up to where we are today.lol.Take care guys and hope all is well with you. ;)

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